Our Vision

All learners believe in their power to be lifelong learners, that grow daily and own their future.


Our Mission

To establish a community of learning through positive relationships, relevance, and rigor...

one student at a time.



Our Beliefs

We believe that:

--The school must provide an environment that is safe, positive, and conducive to learning.

--Every student must be given access to instruction that accommodates all learning styles and abilities.

--Instruction must be varied to address the diversity and needs of each student.

--Curriculum must be based on the individual needs of all students and on a continuum of standards from grade to grade.

--Assessment must be used as a tool to monitor and develop a student's growth on a continuum across grade levels.

--Rules that are consistently enforced have a positive effect on student learning.

--Technology is a tool to enhance learning and must be incorporated into appropriate curriculum areas.

--Staff, students and parents must work together to maintain a collaborative interacting relationship.

--Parents and extended families must take responsibility for the students' academic and social growth and be committed to supporting the efforts of the school.