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All students are required to follow the guidelines for school wear (uniformity of color) per SCH policy. When buying back to school clothes, please remember what your child can and cannot wear to school. If you have any questions, please contact the school. The guidelines are as follows:

  • General Guidelines: All clothing must be of appropriate size and fit neatly. Skinny pants or leggings are NOT appropriate. Tops should not be too snug or too baggy. Clothing should not have holes/rips/tears. No hats, scarves, gloves, sweatbands or sunglasses. Articles of clothing or accessories that are hazardous or disruptive to the individual or others will not be permitted. This includes hoop earrings larger than a nickel or spiked bracelets or necklaces. SILLY BANDZ ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BE WORN AT SCHOOL.

  • Shirts and Tops: They must be a solid color of white, red or light or navy blue (aqua blue or royal blue are not appropriate colors). No stripes or patterns. No writing, logos, beads, sequins or designs are permitted except for school spirit wear. Shirts must have sleeves. No undershirts are to be worn as a regular shirt (if a student chooses to wear an undershirt under their regular top, it MUST still be uniformity of color). Shirts and blouses must be long or short sleeve WITH collarsTops open lower than the collar bone are not oermitted (this includes scoop tops). Any material that is sheer or lightweight enough to be seen through will not be permitted. Harding spirit wear IS permitted.

  • Sweaters/Sweatshirts: Must be a solid color of white, red or light or navy blue. Crew necks, pullovers and sweatshirts should have no writing or logos except school spirit wear.

  • Pants/Slacks/Shorts/Capris/Skorts/Jumpers: Must be a solid color of navy or khaki. No denim material, jeans, or cargo pants or shorts with pockets down the legs. Shorts, skirts, and skorts must be no shorter than 3" above the knee, even if tights are worn underneath. No bottoms made of stretch knits, spandex, flannel or fleece (such as sweatpants), nylon jogging pants or any type of athletic clothing are not permitted. If girls are going to wear tights underneath a skirt or jumper, they need to be white, khaki or navy. They should be plain with no pattern or design on them.Tights with prints or lace are NOT permitted.

  • Shoes: Acceptable shoes are dark colored (navy, black or brown) DRESS shoes or PLAIN, WHITE tennis shoes. Shoes should go no higher than the ankle. They must be appropriate to be worn outside of the house. Flip flops, slippers, sandals, high platform shoes, and shoes that lace up the leg are not allowed. If boots are worn to school, students must bring appropriate shoes to change into. Shoes must be tied or closed with velcro straps. No heelies.

All students must start the year with the proper clothing. Please make sure that your child’s clothing fits properly. Shirts that hang below the hips must be tucked in. Parents will be notified during the school day if a student is not wearing appropriate school wear.

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